This time, I chose LGBTQ (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, and Queers) as my theme. LGBTQ people face strong pressures that others cannot imagine. Under this pressure, many LGBTQ people have had to keep silent and keep their sexual orientation secret. Also, without relevant education, many people will probably misunderstand the LGBTQ community.
Although I am not LGBTQ myself, I want to make a zine to tell the public about LGBTQ people’s feelings and thoughts from their perspective in order to dispel prejudices. I have also added some popular science to introduce some LGBTQ-related issues that people around the world have not yet fully understood (like pansexuality and asexuality). I hope this Zine will help LGBTQ people feel more at home in the world in some small way. 
此次我选择了性少数一个我关注了多年的主题,作为 zine 的主题。在世界各地,甚至是以自由著称的美国,性少数人群都面临着普通人无法想象的阻力。迫于这些压力,很多性少数都选择沉默、隐瞒自己的性取向。还有很多人因为缺乏相关教育可能一生都不知道自己是属于性少数,只是觉得自己“不正常”。
虽然我自己不是性少数,但我想做这样一本 zine 来从性少数的角度对公众说出他们的话和感受,澄清世人对他们的偏见。并且增加一些科普知识,介绍一些目前世人还不太了解的性少数,比如泛性恋、无性恋,希望能以此微薄的力量让大家过得稍微轻松一点。 
The first part is a self-testing card. With the color filter, the definitions of these sexualities will be hidden so as to check whether everyone can understand LGBTQ terminology correctly before reading the zine.
The second part is the risograph book. I chose RISO Printing and took fluorescent pink as the main color, because pink is one of the representative colors of the LGBTQ community and the sense of swagger of fluorescent colors can also express their voices loudly. 
第二部分是Risography 印刷的书。选择 riso印刷,用荧光粉色作为主色调,因为粉红色是 LGBT的代表色之一,同时荧光色的招摇感也希望能大声表达出他们的心声。 
The words on the pictures represent true feelings from the sexual minorities while the words covered by the pictures are the common social stereotypes. For example, asexual people are often considered to have anorgasmia, meaning they cannot reach climax. However, asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity. In other words, just as my zine says, they "don't give a shit about sex". 
图片上的话语代表了性少数人群的真实感受,而盖在其上的则是社会对他们的刻板印象。比如,无性恋常常被误解为是性冷淡,所以他们无法“reach climax( 达到高潮 )”。然而,无性恋只是无法对他人产生性吸引,或者有着很低,甚至没有性欲。 换句话说,正如在书中写的,他们“don't give a shit about sex( 对性不屑一顾 )”。 
For the main book, I first collected LGBTQ people’s answers to some specific questions, so non-LGBTQ readers would be able to access a deeper understanding. 
在主册中,首先我搜集了 LGBTQ 人群对于某些问题的答案,比如“你是怎样发现自己的性取向的?”。 
Finally, 4 high-quality queer themed films are featured in this book, including Farewell My Concubine(China, 1993, Chen), Lan Yu (China, 2001, Kuan), The Danish Girl (UK-US, 2015, Hooper) and Carol (US, 2015, Haynes). 
接下来则是几部电影 LGBTQ 题材电影的推荐,比如《霸王别姬》,《丹麦女孩》和《卡罗尔》等。 
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